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Title: The emergence of global administrative law and the evolution of general administrative law
Authors: Ladeur, Karl-Heinz Belo Horizonte
Publisher: Fórum
Issue Date: 2012
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Função Pública [recurso eletrônico]
Citation: LADEUR, Karl-Heinz. The emergence of global administrative law and the evolution of general administrative law. Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Função Pública [recurso eletrônico]. Belo Horizonte, v. 1, n. 2, maio/ago. 2012. Disponivel em: <http://dspace/xmlui/bitstream/item/8779/PDIexibepdf.pdf?sequence=1>. Acesso em: 27 dez. 2013.
Abstract: The discussion on the emergence of global administrative law is centered around the question: “Is it law?” and problems of accountability. This is a narrow perspective which ignores the autonomy of the administrative “internal law” generated by administrative agencies themselves. This is shown for the evolution of domestic administrative law in the 19th century and its transformations in the 20th century. Domestic administrative law is only to a much lesser extent a product of courts or legislators than hitherto taken for granted. This is why it should not come as a surprise that the instruments and forms of global administrative law are generated by transnational administrative networks of agencies. The evolution of both domestic and transnational administrative law will allow for new heterarchical forms of accountability and legitimation once the focus on a hierarchical concept of delegation is given up.
metadata.dc.description.summary: I - Preliminary remarks; II - The Autopoiesis of Law and the Emergence of Global Administrative Law; II.1 - No administrative law beyond delegation of power? The selfgenerative function of administrative law in the evolutionary process; II.2 - A side look at private law; – Is Lex Mercatoria law?; II.3 - Global law; – Is it law?; III - The historical evolution of General Administrative Law; III.1 - The essence of the “positive law” of the liberal society; – Its rulelike character; III.2 - The generation of the “acte administratif” as the main form of administrative action in the “society of the individuals”; III.3 - Intermediary remarks on the embeddedness of the legal system in the “epistemic knowledge base” of society; III.4 - The secondary remodelling of the traditional administrative law of the society of the individuals; III.5 - General administrative law as the product of administrative experimentation... And its judicialisation; III.6 - Society of networks and the networks of law; III.7 - The changing “social epistemology” of the law and the fragmentation of society; IV - The Relationship Between Administrative Agencies And Courts; IV.1 - The cooperative construction of a norm; IV.2 - The new role of judicial control in postmodern societies; IV.3 - A comparative look at the network like structure of transnational court practice in the field of (private) media law in particular; IV.4 - After the experimental creation of new cooperative forms of administration... What? The codification?; V - The Emergence of Global Administrative Law – V.1 The evolution of postmodern domestic administrative law as the background for its globalisation; V.2 - “Constitutionalising” global administrative law or experimenting with a hybrid transnational legal order?; V.3 - The new logic of cooperation; – domestic and transnational; V.4 - How democratic is global administrative law?; V.5 - The search for new metarules of managing “entangled” interrelationships; V.6 - Distinguishing different versions of transnational administration; V.7 - The future forms of coordination between global and domestic administrative law; VI - Outlook
Keywords: Direito administrativo
Direito internacional público
Direito internacional privado
Comércio internacional
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metadata.dc.language: Português (Brasil)
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