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Title: Racionalidade ou razoabilidade? Uma questão posta para a dogmática
Authors: Feres, Marcos Vinício Chein
Alves, Marco Antônio Sousa Belo Horizonte
Publisher: Faculdade de Direito da UFMG
Issue Date: 2001
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Revista da Faculdade de Direito da UFMG
Citation: FERES, Marcos Vinício Chein; ALVES, Marco Antônio Sousa. Racionalidade ou razoabilidade? Uma questão posta para a dogmática. Revista da Faculdade de Direito da UFMG [recurso eletrônico], Belo Horizonte, n. 39, p. 285-315, jan./jun. 2001. Disponível em: <http://dspace/xmlui/bitstream/item/12822/1133.pdf?sequence=1>. Acesso em: 6 out. 2014.
metadata.dc.description.translated: This essay intends to shed light on rationality and reasonableness throughout the history of western philosophy, from mythical knowledge to modern argumentation theories. As a starting point to argumentation theory, Greek philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle, as well as a quick view of Modern Age rationalism and empiricism are enhanced. However, arguing gains a new perspective not Only in TOULMIN's and PERELMAN's theories but also with HABERMAN's and APEL's new proposal for a rational discourse. Nevertheless, the turning point of it is the analysis of the effects of these philosophical changes in juridical discourse, taking into account the works of ALEXY and AARNIO. That is why rationality and reasonableness are treated as complementary concepts and cannot be isolated mainly in the field of law. Briefly, the core is this study is to revisit rationality as a means of attaining reasonableness
metadata.dc.description.summary: 1- Introdução; 2-Racionalidade; 3- Racionalidade e dogmática jurídica; 4- Razoabilidade e dogmática jurídica; 5- Conclusão; 6- Referência bibliográficas; 7- Notas; 8- Abstract
Keywords: Dogmática jurídica
Filosofia do direito
metadata.dc.subject.planning: Direito Geral
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metadata.dc.identifier.classification: 34
metadata.dc.language: Português (Brasil)
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